Friday, May 1, 2009

Cypress Pond

It’s been a while since my last piece but this one took a while longer to do.

The painting is about any cypress lake or pond in Florida where the main predator is man and the one who has the most problem sharing this beautiful place with its other occupants. Alligators and Osprey’s do not seem to have a problem getting along and sharing the resources. When man gets involved he often must make it clear that he is the dominant predator and eliminate any competition. Let’s hope that someday he learns to share.

The painting is 40” round.

Pete Bonk


jiva said...

Wow Peter, this is very, very
beautiful! Gives that true Florida feeling... sweet.

Peter Bonk said...

Thanks! Thats what I was trying for!

Adrian said...

I have to agree with what jiva said on the previous post. It really gives the swampy theme of Florida itself. I truly love the fact you made the sky some redish violet color. Again, my complements on the coloring. I really enjoy the fact that canvas is circular. Even though i haven't seen personally the painting i bet it gives the illusion of swamp behind a hole in the wall. Its terrific ++!!

Peter Bonk said...

Thanks Adrian. It would be a big hole the painting is 40" in diameter.